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  Fall 2018

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The Newsletter Returns! -- by Danniel Ward-Packard, Interim Editor
After an eighteen month absence, the TCHC newsletter returns! This edition is devoted to TCHC scholars, past and future. .... Read More >>

Community Does Matter -- by Ernie Hall, TCHC President
Congratulations to newly elected officers and board members. Great things are about to happen under new leadership. While my term as board member ended in 2017, the connection with Tai Chi for Health Community continues. It was my pleasure interacting with a great team over the past five years, and witnessing amazing membership growth in a relatively short period of time to TCHC now having nearly 600 members... Read More >>

Scholarship Application Time!
Each fall the Tai Chi for Health Community offers scholarships to attend Dr. Lam's annual United States workshop in June of the following year. The 2019 workshop returns June 10th-15th to lovely Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati Ohio. The deadline to apply for a 2019 scholarship is October 19th, three short weeks away! To learn more about applying for a scholarship, follow this link.

The State of TCHC -- by Johnny Packard, TCHC President
At the April 2018 TCHC Board of Directors meeting, I was honored to be elected the new president. TCHC’s By-laws state that the president shall “direct charge of all TCHC activities,” and that includes addressing the many challenges which currently confront our organization... Read More >> 

Deepening My Tai Chi -- by Shelia Bassoppo-Moyo
I applied for a Tai Chi for Health Community Scholarship because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of tai chi, and I had heard that attending the week-long training in Portland, Oregon, was one way to do that. I wanted exposure to the different tai chi forms and also to meet Dr. Lam. Several people who attended the conference in previous years raved about the workshop and how much they had grown from the experience... Read More >> 

Attracting a Younger More Athletic Audience -- by Guy Finley 
I was honored to be awarded a scholarship from TCHC to attend the 2018 Annual Workshop in Forest Grove, Oregon. I had not been playing tai chi for long, so I was pretty nervous about going to the workshop. Once I was there, everyone made me feel right at home...  Read More >> 

Overwhelming Energy and Enthusiasm -- by Tom Fletcher and Barbara LaRowe
Winning a scholarship was really a once in a lifetime opportunity. We could not have afforded the trip to Oregon without the financial scholarship help. I had taken Instructor Training for Tai Chi for Arthritis and Diabetes so I could substitute for my instructor. My wife and I studied and worked on Moving Stillness Fan Form DVD daily for a year to become proficient and we were excited beyond belief to see a fan class offered at the Oregon Workshop... Read More >> 

Laugh, Move and Grow Stronger Together -- by Anita Carter
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Tai Chi for Health Community for granting me the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Tai Chi for Health Week Long in Forest Grove, Oregon. The scholarship helped me to seek a deeper understanding of the Sun Style 73 forms, to connect with others who are focused on a similar trajectory, and to translate that experience with those who join me each week in my small communities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 
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Volunteer Opportunities
The TCHC Board is seeking a permanent, independent, deadline-abiding newsletter editor. The editor will plan, coordinate, review and edit content. The editor will be able to decide which ideas should be pursued in order to meet TCHC's content goals. The goal is to provide exceptional, informative and engaging content. Contact Johnny at jpackard@tchc.info for details.  
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Did you know that our website lists Tai Chi for Health workshops and other special events submitted by our instructor and practitioner members? Any TCHC member may add an event.
Members can view the full listing of events on the Community website. If you have any questions about event submissions or listings, please contact the Events Manager at events@tchc.info.

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